Stage Hypnotist Monica

What can hypnosis be used for?
Hypnosis over the centuries has been utilized for many things.  The Mayo Brothers actually used hypnosis for anesthetic to become the leading hospital at the time for patient survival from surgery thus solidifying the beginning of the Mayo reputation worldwide.  Today hypnosis is utilized for things such as stopping smoking, stress management, test taking, overcoming past events, pain management, confidence, and even childbirth.  If you’ve ever watched high-performing athletes, you’ll notice they put themselves into a hypnotic trance state to obtain better focus, concentration, and performance.  On stage, Monica uses hypnosis as a form of entertainment bringing out the best in the stars of the show from a relaxing time on the beach, to competitive bodybuilding, and beyond.  

Who can be hypnotized?
Just about anyone can be hypnotized; the key factor is whether the person wants to be hypnotized.  People walk around in hypnotic states every single day of their lives without realizing it!  Some of these times include when someone is soaked in to surfing the internet, watching a favorite movie or TV show, or when they get behind the wheel of their car, sit in a classroom, walk on the treadmill, or go to work.  On stage the hypnosis is simply being used in an entertainment setting and the volunteers that remain on stage are the ones who are simply the most responsive.  Whenever a hypnotist sends a volunteer back to the audience it typically means something just happened to break their concentration, at another time would make a wonderful volunteer.  Most certainly, the person sent back to enjoy the show in the audience can be hypnotized at another time when they are more comfortable.  

How are Volunteers Selected?
The simple answer is that the first group of volunteers to come to the stage is completely random.  Sometimes groups will pre-select 6-10 "celebrity" volunteers.  During the induction, Monica will watch for breathing patterns and muscle movements to determine the final group of volunteers on stage.  For many performances, though not all depending on the needs and requests of the Buyer,  Monica may allow audience members to also be hypnotized from their seat in the audience and bring them up on stage to join the final group of volunteers. 

When do you book shows?
Typically the earlier the better after you've confirmed your event date and budget.  Shows are typically booked, though not required, approximately three months prior to the show, but some show dates can book up to a year in advance especially for FFA Week, After Prom, After Grad, Senior Night, College Show Seasons (Orientation, Homecoming, and Winterfest), County Fair, and Holiday Parties.

Where typically do you perform in the US?

Have voice will travel!   Most of Stage Hypnotist Monica's performances are in the Midwest (MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, IL, etc.), however she is willing and available to perform in most venues around the country.  

What is a typical budget?
The simple answer is that this largely depends on the type and number of shows being performed.  There are options available to fit most budgets.  We also offer multiple-performance discounts including when partnering with another nearby. 

How do you book a show?
You have the option of working directly with Monica for the booking process by contacting her via the contact page or via phone at (651) 336-1594.  If you prefer to work through an agent, Monica will gladly put you in contact with her agent to complete the booking process.

Will Stage Hypnotist Monica perform for Fundraiser programs?
Absolutely!  Non-profit and other fundraising groups have an opportunity to capitalize on this by using Stage Hypnotist Monica's performances.  Stage Hypnotist Monica is willing to come in and perform for community fundraisers or entertainment stages with a variety of options to fit most budgets.  While going to Las Vegas may be out, going to the local high school auditorium, hotel, reception hall, or local amphitheater to see a performer is within most people's budgets and a great way for your group to strengthen the bank account.  Many schools frequently offer an educational program during the daytime for student achievement then an organization within the school (such as FFA, DECA, DARE, Sports teams, etc.) will have a community fundraiser in the evening.

What is an “Educational Program” for a school?

This type of show is done but with more educational aspects of hypnosis incorporated into the performance including how to incorporate techniques of focus into student and staff member’s daily lives.  Volunteers also are given education specific helpful suggestions at the end of the performance to help them develop their full potential.  Educational programs are also available without the additional fundraising show. 

What happens during motivational workshops?
There's a saying in sports that it's 90% in the head.  Proper training, conditioning, and equipment only go so far.  It's the athlete's mindset that helps determine if they're going to become a Champion.  Many athletes, students, and staff actually "talk themselves out" of their optimal performance state of mind using self-doubting strategies.  Having competed as an elite level drug-free athlete, Monica brings a unique perspective of being "in the trenches" which many performance enhancement hypnotists cannot.  Monica is also trained and qualified as a Trainer of both Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming through multiple organizations.   There is an intensity and driven dedication to high/elite performance level that cannot be described in a course or book and having a workshop leader in front of the group with that mindset, experience, and knowledge will drive home the methods and techniques used with your group for their ultimate success.  This mindset can also be carried over into the business and professional world for workshops developed to improve employee or member performance as well as presentation skills.

I would like to Work With Monica one on one for Self-Improvement Who do I Call?
Stage Hypnotist Monica is currently in the process of renovating an office space in Hastings, Minnesota for what will become Rivertown Hypnosis & Changeworks upon completion) though during this process is not currently seeing clients for private self-improvement sessions.  Monica is available to do large-group workshops for athletic performance enhancement, platform skills, group enhancement, and student motivation related issues.  If you are interested in working with a skilled hypnotherapist in your area, contact the National Guild of Hypnotists (, Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (, or the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology ( who will be further able to assist you with a qualified referral.