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Meet Monica

Stage Hypnotist Monica

Stage Hypnotist Monica has worked to become one of North America’s most sought-after female hypnotic entertainers.  She travels across the country performing for community, corporate, school and organizational events.  Some of her past credits include the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, Wisconsin FFA Convention (1998), Kansas City Arts Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, John Deere Dealership, Minnesota On-site Sewage Treatment Contractor's Association, Jerome County Fair & Rodeo, Diamond Jo’s Casino, and the DARE program (Drug Awareness Resistance Education).

On stage, Monica’s show is family-friendly and involves the just right amount of age-appropriate humor.  She also caters each show to the audience and no two shows are identical.  The audience is the star of the show and Monica rarely accepts the final round of applause.  In her own words Monica states that the volunteers are the real stars of the show and that she is there to help them bring out the magic which lies within them.  Monica is also well-known for being "user friendly" to event organizers off-stage. 

Her background and education includes earning her degree in Psychology and Marketing Communications with a minor in Clinical & Demonstrational Hypnotism from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  Her hypnosis and NLP education includes such names as Dr. Jim Wand, Kevin Hogan, Will Horton, John & Kathleen LaValle, and Richard Bandler.   She also has had work published in the book Through the Open Door: Secrets of Self-Hypnosis by Kevin Hogan and Mary Lee LaBay.  Monica's research in hypnosis and Eye-Accessing Cues has been published in the Journal of Hypnotism.  As a Hypnotherapist, Monica has spoken four times at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, the largest international gathering of hypnotists and hypnotherapists worldwide, in the areas of sports enhancement and student learning.  Monica's current professional credentials include being a Licensed Provisional Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming through the Society of NLP, Hypnosis Trainer through the National Guild of Hypnotists, and Master Trainer with the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is constantly updating and staying current on the trends in and around the field of personal changework.  

Outside of her life on stage, Monica is an eclectic personality.   When not on the road she resides in rural Stillwater, Minnesota.  She has competed as a Drug-free Powerlifter and held Ungeared/Raw USAPL American Records and UPA (RAW-AD division) National Records using the power of the mind to pull off some amazing lifts, earning her “Elite” status while competitive.  This training dedication elevated her to such platforms as The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio and becoming certified as a referee for two powerlifting federations.  In 2016 she was invited to take part in announcing Relentless Minnesota – known as one of the highest platforms in the entire sport of Powerlifting which raised over $214,000 for HopeKids.  Monica was involved with the ski industry as a pro ski instructor and during her tenure worked with USSA Junior Olympians as they prepared for world level competition, River Dance, Lord of the Dance, and other high profile individuals.  

Imagine your friends, colleagues, staff, or students are really capable of.  Discover the possibilities as Monica takes audience volunteers on an amazing voyage into the mind.  Experience a journey beyond imagination.  Reserve Stage Hypnotist Monica today for your next event!  ​